The Solo Bike Experience

About Team Solo Bike Programs – Our programs offer Business and Community leaders unique opportunities of self and professional development and professional network expansion whilst taking part in innovative and engaging cycling experiences.

The Team concept borrows from the best practices of elite team sport training and competition environments, recreating a high performance environment for business and community leaders.

These practices include:
• Performance coaching
• Organisational and Team strategy
• Offering challenges to advance physical and behavioural development
• Recovery Methods

The main objective’s of Team Solo Bike:
• Facilitate a cutting-edge performance environment for business and community leaders
• Maximise individual and team performance, both personally and professionally through our specialised programs
• Build professional relationships and networks in an environment of likeminded individuals

Our Team Concept Cycling Programs have been developed utilising our combined 40+ years of knowledge working in the corporate and elite sport sectors. With exceptional management, organisational and hospitality skills along with our experienced and up to date sport
science knowledge our programs offer clients a first class service that we are extremely proud of. We are confident that each individual will come away from our programs inspired and motivated.

The Concept
Solo Bike has based this concept on our insight of the benefits and value of engaging leadership groups into the sport of road cycling.
Central to our approach is that the environment is considered and delivered as a team environment rather than group. Further we seek to adopt the best development strategies and practices from elite team sport, recreating a high performance environment for business and community leaders to excel.

The Team Solo Bike Program is implemented within Solo Bike Team Concept Tours (Europe) and Solo Bike Team Concept Camps (Australia). Our belief in this concept and product has been reinforced by discussions with respected business leaders and elite performance coaches who likewise recognise the enormous growth of road cycling group participation within the Australian corporate sector, and consequent need for product service advancement.
Program Vision
We aspire to cultivate experiences that will provide ideal opportunities for leadership development and self-accomplishment.
Significantly our team concept vision provides a scope beyond a limited experience, thus offering unlimited opportunities for further advancement via new experiences and opportunities to develop and accomplish ambitious goals within our program offerings.

Team Concept Camps and Tours
Team Solo Bike programs can provide local and international cycling experiences for business and community leaders. The itineraries offered intend to provide unique opportunities for professional/personal development and accomplishment.

Team Concept Camps
Local weekend itineraries that provide opportunities for supported group cycling and specialist coaching for performance and leadership
development. Camp locations include Bright and Inverloch, Victoria with an itinerary which includes team rides, performance and
leadership programs, performance (mind and body) sessions and Organisational and Team Strategy. Other camp locations will be added
to the schedules in time.

Team Concept Tours
These are 1-week international trips that expose groups to the Worlds ultimate cycling
events and experiences on the annual calendar.

The most important resources required in developing and providing a successful program are the coaches and service providers within
the Solo Bike team.


Team Concept Tours
Team Solo Bike – Concept Tours use its European team of specialist guides, bus drivers, and mechanics to service these itineraries. On the
basis of a group of 14 this would include a tour coordinator (Darren Welch– Solo Bike); 2 specialist riders (guides); 2 bus drivers, and a
specialist bike mechanic.
In addition to the above services the tours may also include additional coaching expertise with the inclusion of an organisational and
team strategy coach and performance coach (mind and body).

Team Concept Camps
Team Solo Bike – Concept Camps are co-ordinated by Darren Welch (Solo Bike) and serviced by a team recruited from his high
performance networks within Australia. This would include coaches addressing key areas within the program: leadership, performance
(mind and body), and organisational and team strategy.
In addition to coaching services provided for these camps there would be the services of specialist riders (guides), expert bike mechanic,
and physiotherapist.
Solo Bike