Name: Eddie Anderson (pictured centre)
Age: 58
Trip: Tuscany and Dolomites 2012 – Giro d’Italia
How long have you been riding for?: Approx. 13 years
What is a typical training week for you (days p/week, intensity etc)?: Usually do the following rides. Saturdays about 80 to 100 km at solid intensity  on flat and some hills, Tuesdays 40km doing 2km hill repeats or a steady 4.5% climb over say 8km , Thursdays 80 to 100km Steady pace flat and hills. We don’t ride if wet so not every week has these rides. This can vary if I am training for say a triathlon where I substitute the hill work for flat road at higher intensity.
How did you prepare for your trip to Italy, was it different from your typical training?: In preparation for Italy I increased the hill riding by making sure the Thursday and Saturdays included some steeper and longer hills that we have near us and did a few gym RPM classes if I missed rides.Italy has NO flat roads so practice on the hills. Road surface is very smooth though so that helps a lot. Beautiful riding though and will return to do it again!