Name: Michael Davies
Age: 60
Trips: Giro d’Italia trip 2009; about to go again on the Maratona dles Dolomites 2013
How long have you been riding for? All children ride bikes so it’s easy? I did some triathlons in the early triathlon era (mid 80’s) but did not begin seriously riding a bike
 until about 10 years ago
What is a typical training week for you (days p/week, intensity etc)? 4-6 days a week on my road bike. The weekday rides are are all basically intense as are my usual
 Saturday rides, but over a longer distance and more varied terrain. Sunday I try to do longer, slower rides usually with quite a few hills. I ride my cross city bike to/from
 work which just helps ease out my legs sometimes. I would generally ride 300-450ks per week, sometimes more if I am working towards something. At the moment
 I am probably doing about 450ks
How did you prepare for your trip to Italy, was it different from your typical training? I dislike riding in the Dandenongs (poor surfaces, wet and horrible getting to and
 from) as well as Kew Blvd (poor surface, camber all wrong in parts) so try to avoid them whenever I can which is mostly hence I find myself near Warrandyte, Kangaroo
 Ground, Eltham on Sundays or down around Mt Eliza (Canadian Bay Rd, Two Bays etc) or further down the Peninsula (Arthurs Seat, Mt Martha etc). To answer the
 question, I have not done much differently to my normal riding. I see Italy strictly as a holiday with some different, difficult and good riding. On my return I will look
 to get into some more disciplined training as I have a couple of events in the latter part of the year where I wish to direct my attention