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Training for the Maratona  

As the days to the end of 2014 count down, so to do the days to the 2015 Maratona dles Dolomites. In fact it is now exactly 240 days to the event. More than enough time to prepare I hear you say? Well yes – but this is exactly the reason why I would advocate it is wise to start the wheels rolling now. Previous experience in preparing for European summer riding has certainly reinforced to me the wisdom in optimising the riding opportunities that come our way over our late spring and summer season. Indeed thinking that you can ‘crank it up’ in the last couple of months leading to the event can really backfire in regards to your preparations. Bad weather, less daylight, added family-work-social demands, poor health or injury, and a flat tire or 2 can significantly reduce your time in the saddle. Therefore why wait when there is the possibility of a full summer of riding to be taken advantage of?

Perhaps too there is a misconception that the most important time spent riding – and therefore the time when riding volume should ideally be at its highest levels – should be in the period immediately prior to the event. This is quite an understandable assumption – however the reality is that fitness gains require the combination of adequate time training with adequate recovery time for desirable fitness improvements to occur. A productive summer riding with a lightened down autumn does not mean all the fitness gained from the summer riding will be lost. Actually it could be quite the opposite, with the body being under less stress potentially you could get a performance kick, feeling fresher and with that stronger and overall riding with increased power. Endurance gains are not lost easily, provided the work has been done. So why wait?

Below is a 4 week program for November.



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