Try these indoor sessions over winter…

The indoor cycling option certainly has some appeal at times – especially during the wet, cold and dark winter months! Here are a couple of time efficient sessions to consider…

Session 1: Pedaling efficiency

  • Start in easy gear pedaling around 90-95rpm (revolutions per minute) for 5 minute
  • Now increase to 100rpm for 1 minute, and then 105rpm for 1 minute, 110rpm for a minute, 115rpm for a minute, 120rpm for a final minute
  • Drop down to 95rpm for 5 minutes easy effort
  • Raise intensity again, ride 1 minute with cadence 110+ and drop to 90rpm for 90 rpm. Do this – 1 min @ 110+ rpm/ 1 min @ 90 rpm – 5 times (10 minutes)
  • Ride at 95rpm for 5 minutes easy effort
  • Raise cadence to 100-105rpm and hold for 10 minutes
  • Finish with 5 minutes easy effort @ 90rpm

SUMMARY: The session duration is 45 minutes. The overall idea is to improve pedaling economy by contrasting rpm frequently throughout the session.

Session 2: Aerobic Power

  • Start in easy gear pedaling around 90-95rpm for 5 minutes
  • Now shift into a slightly bigger gear maintaining 90-95rpm for 1 minute. Repeat this over 5 minutes – adding resistance on the minute whilst maintaining 90-95rpm.
  • Ride easy @ 95rpm for 5 minutes
  • Raise intensity, shift into bigger gear that just allows you to maintain a cadence @ 90rpm and hold for 2 minutes with 1 minute easy riding @ 80rpm. Do this – 2 minutes ‘hard’ @ 90rpm/ 1minute ‘easy’ @ 80rpm – 3 times
  • Ride easy @ 95 for 5 minutes
  • ‘All-Out’ ITT effort @ 90rpm for 5 minutes
  • Recover with 10 minutes easy riding @ 90rpm

SUMMARY: The session duration is 43 minutes. The focus is on developing aerobic power by including some intense riding efforts at the limit of what can be sustained.

Hopefully the sessions will provide a helpful and productive alternative to riding outdoors.

The published training programs have been developed by or on behalf of Slow Trails Pty Ltd t/a Solo Bike. They are suggested programs only and do not take into account specific individuals and their medical and physical needs and capabilities. Solo Bike does not make any representation whatsoever as to the appropriateness or effectiveness of the programs for any specific individuals. We advise you speak with your doctor or healthcare professional before you start any of the programs. Except to the extent required by law, Solo Bike is not responsible or liable to any person for the information or advice which is provided in the programs or any loss or injury you suffer as a result of undertaking any of the programs.